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Le Grand Quartier - Shop

Joyce Urbanus and Dax Roll
Founder of Nicemakers Agency

Interior designers Joyce Urbanus and Dax Roll, partners in life and design, set out to become a professional dream team to be known as « Nicemakers ». They both live and work in Amsterdam, and travel the world for inspiration.

Joyce Urbanus and Dax Roll are madly in love with everything they do. Exploring new territories, always open for creative opportunities and personal encounters; « Nicemakers » is simply fulfilling their destiny to « make things nice ».

While designing a project, they always connect it to its environment. To imagine Le Grand Quartier, they spent some real time in the 10th arrondissement, walking its streets learning about its interesting mix of cultures.

They observed what was around them - how people lived together in this area, how materials and colors were used. The only thing they had to do was to keep their ears and eyes wide open. They found a young, creative and edgy place far from the usual standards about Paris. A changing neighborhood full of fun and sparkling energy.

Joyce and Dax did a lot of research and discovered that the street where Le Grand Quartier is located has a history of creative people and craftsmen who used to have their workshops there. The building itself was also interesting. At first, you may think that it is just a traditional Parisian house. But walking through the passage, you discover a very surprising building with beautiful steel windows and a secret garden, pretty unique in this district.

As to the Canal Saint-Martin, they reminisced on their walk to work every morning along Amsterdam’s Canals, feeling the good vibes of this kind of spot.

And this is what Le Grand Quartier is about : energy, positivity, chillness and openness. An address not designed to be something that has never been seen before in Paris but to respect the DNA of the place. A place where people can connect and meet each other easily. A place to live, work, create and travel differently.