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Le Grand Quartier and its team !


Who are the Grand Quartier collaborators?

It’s primarily a team of welcoming personalities wishing to participate in the daily life of Le Grand Quartier.

But also, getting involved in a variety of stages (breakfast, lunch, dinner, reception, etc), and always paying attention to guests satisfaction.

Ready to join us and start writing the Grand Quartier’s story?
So, apply to one of the positions available on our website now!

What is Le Grand Quartier?

First of all, Le Grand Quartier is a place that needs to be invented.

A unique place located near the Canal Saint-Martin, created for parisians and urban travellers.

Organized around a central garden, Le Grand Quartier, is an 4 star hotel of 83 rooms, a Café, Studios (meeting rooms), a Shop and a rooftop. A place designed to orffer a new “urban wellbeing” vision.