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Le Grand Quartier - Café

From the breakfast baguette to the charcuterie platter to the aperitif, everything is based around sharing.

Le Grand Quartier - Café

Cosy & Convivial

Cosy and friendly, the Café is the meeting place of the Grand Quartier. At the counter or in the gallery, people pop in for coffee, lunch on the go, or to do some work during the afternoon.

The Café menu is simple but emphasises quality, with products chosen from the best local artisans; the beers come from Paris and the cakes from the pâtisserie next door.

From the first rays of the sun, the terrace in the garden attracts locals, tourists and lovers of iced lemonade.

Drink & SNACK
A real urban eatery

A real urban eatery, the Café of the Grand Quartier is the place where you’ll love to meet up with friends or family.

The soul of the Saint Martin district reigns supreme here, where sharing and conviviality are as much a part of the décor as they are a part of the dishes.

Here, we offer healthy gourmet dishes that your taste buds will appreciate!

More than a café, it’s a place of life, balanced between gourmet delights and a cosmopolitan spirit.


Le Grand Quartier - Café

Enjoy local products full of flavour

Opt for our breakfast to share and enjoy local products that are full of flavour. Between our crunchy granola, our pastries and breads that come directly from a local bakery, our cakes and our fresh fruit juices ...

We are sure this is the best possible way to start the day!

Monday to Friday
07:00 to 11:00, Saturday and Sunday from 07:00 to 16:00 (Brunch included)

Le Grand Quartier - Café

During the day
You can feel peckish at any time.

It’s not a problem because at the Café of the Grand Quartier we look after your needs all day.

Latte, coffee, cookies, dishes, healthy, gourmet, chai tea, juice, all fresh and served in a coffee-shop ambiance.

It’s ideal if you decide to spend the day working or just chilling with us!

Opening hours:
from 12 am to 11.30pm on Wednesday to Saturday and from 12am to 5pm on Sunday

Le Grand Quartier - Café

Aperitif & Afterwork
18:00 is aperitif time.

A lovely moment to share, the Grand Quartier aperitif is enjoyed around a gourmet platter (or two!), accompanied by a cocktail created by the Bar le Syndicat, just as the Parisian sky is draped in a veil of twilight.

Parisians and guests of the Grand Quartier, it's time to unwind, relax and meet up with family or friends in a convivial atmosphere!

Le Grand Quartier - Café

The Garden
A delightful retreat where calm prevails

Step out of the door of the Grand Quartier and you will find yourself in a delightful retreat in which tranquillity reigns. Everything revolves around the Garden; the Café, the Studios, the Hotel and its rooms; it’s like a village amidst the city.

The ambiance is that of a typical Parisian garden, where passers-by pause to rest, read, chat or work. You’ll want to spend an hour, or maybe the entire day, in this relaxing environment. In short, it is here that everything happens, where city life meets the serenity of a day in the countryside, where we take the time to take the time.

Work / Meet / Share / Relax

Do you know TRED?
We invented it just for you, here at the Café du Grand Quartier:
It’s an acronym for Travailler, se Rencontrer, Échanger et se Détendre (Work, Meet, Share and Relax).

Le Grand Quartier - Café Le Grand Quartier - Café Le Grand Quartier - Café Le Grand Quartier - Café Le Grand Quartier - Café Le Grand Quartier - Café Le Grand Quartier - Café

Because you’ll not want to just pop into the Café; you’ll have the urge to get comfortable, open a book or a laptop, and enjoy the quiet environment and a fast internet connection.

Whether you’re a solo worker or team worker, the Café is open all day long and our espresso and snacks are waiting for you.

To meet<br>and share
And for those lucky enough to be taking a day off, the Café is the ideal place to meet up with friends or family, always in a pure spirit of relaxation ...